Terumo Cardiovascular Systems Sponsors ‘Blood Management’ Symposium

Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN — March 22, 2010 — Terumo Cardiovascular Systems began its 8th Annual Optimizing Cardiac Surgery Symposia series on March 5, 2010.

Three international speakers discussed their hands-on experience related to the symposia theme: Optimizing Blood Management™: A Multi-Strategy Approach to Controlling Inflammatory Response. The goal of the symposia is to keep clinicians abreast of changing technology and trends. One hundred perfusionists attended the session.

The speakers discussed methods used at their hospitals to reduce blood transfusions during surgery. Using less donor blood can help lower the body's inflammatory response to surgery, and eventually improves patient recovery rates. According to a "Wall Street Journal” article,* a growing body of evidence shows that donated blood causes changes in the recipient's immune system that result in higher rates of infections, complications and even death.

This year's panel included Terence Gourley, PhD, University of Strathclyde, England; Sean Murtha, CCP, Comprehensive Care Services, Hollywood, Florida; and Uwe Schonrock, CCP, Braunschweig Klinikum, Braunschweig, Germany.

The March session was held during the 30th Annual Cardiothoracic Surgery Symposium (CREF) in Newport Beach, California. Terumo's second 2010 symposium will be held May 20 during the Mechanisms of Perfusion conference in Orlando, Florida.

* Landro L. (October 29, 2008). Hospitals Seek to Limit Use of Transfusions. www.wsj.com.

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