Terumo Cardiovascular Systems ends production of Khuri™ Myocardial pH Monitoring System

Terumo Cardiovascular Systems announced that it stopped production of the Khuri™ Myocardial pH Monitoring System effective June 21, 2006 because the product's sales did not meet expectations. The Khuri system was introduced in 2004 and was the only product available for the intraoperative monitoring of myocardial pH.

"We are disappointed that the surgery community did not adopt the technology despite the wealth of published data that support edits use and our efforts to communicate its benefits,” said Mike Rebuldela, General Manager for Perfusion Products. "We still believe that the technology is beneficial and are sorry that it wasn't better accepted in the market.”

The technology provided continual measurements of the pH level in the heart tissue during surgery. Surgeons could then choose to adjust their protocols or procedures to maintain pH levels within an acceptable range. Numerous peer-reviewed publications had demonstrated patient benefit by avoiding acidosis, or low pH values, in the heart tissue.

For further information, contact Mike Rebuldela at 800-262-3304 x 6001 or 734-741-6001.